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Been away for a while due to a new JOB (Hooray) that I needed so desprately. Also, My birthday and J's Birthday fall within a week and 2 days of each other so that was interesting plus Mother's Day snuck by me somewhere around there too. That's one of the hard things about being a single Mom no Dad there to take the kids to get you something to remind you that your suppossed to have the day off. So in my case I really didn't think about it until My Pastor's gave flowers out to all the Mom's. They are so sweet. So being that My Mom's husband doesn't cook and my Son well He knows how to make Kraft Mac&cheese so far, we went to Hometown Buffet. FYI don't go to Hometown on Mother's Day it is a Madhouse. I think we waited in line for 2 hours. So much for R&R but at least we didn't have to cook or clean or serve. So in ending I wish all the Mother's a belated

Happy Mother's Day! 

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