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Running on Fumes

In March I moved in with my Aunt who has a room that is like a 1 bedroom apt. In July I lost my job and in August my Aunt decided to sell her house and move to Texas. Since August we have been preparing to sell the house, moving (to who knows where without a job), enrolling J to a new school, Church, looking for boxes and tape, finding a truck and help to load it, and the list goes on and on. The house sold by the end of August. Then last week my cousin (which is my Aunts oldest son who was not going to go to Texas)called and said that Him and his fiance will go on one condition: He marry her before they leave.    Ha!   escrow closed on the 29th. So there we were in the midst of it all planning . a wedding. Well we did it. Planned a wedding for 75 people making all the arrangements in a week. I spent forever finding J pants and a tie. Then I had to dig through boxes for his shirt and shoes. We finished decorating the hall around 3am. I pray that I make it through this with my head still on straight. My aunt has handled this extremely well. I pray that I am prepared when J gets married (hopefully not moving outta state at the same time)I can't imagine. This has been an experience for me. This has also kept me up for Too Many Late Nights. Well, they leave monday to Texas and then my life can go back to the normal craziness I'm used to.
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